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November 30, 2008, 6:33 pm
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beautiful garbage 1

now that I have graduated I can create without having to justify what I make all the time. sometimes I just feel like illustrating, like this illustration of a photo I took this summer. But, inevitably, I always come to a point of questioning and justifying to myself and thus I developed the following illustration.

beautiful garbage 2

This illustration explores the style I’ve developed over the last couple of years through the urban spaces projects. I’ve realized that this style is pretty unique and really explores the beauty of architectural forms, the beauty of implied spaces and the beauty of the everyday, mundane and banal by equalizing everything in shades of white. I’ve also realized that I tend to be more interested in micro spaces of the inner city/industrial areas and urban decay.
I plan to create an animated duration piece similar to a collaborated animated duration piece by Colin Williams and myself of a storefront. This time, the piece will be done in my illustration style.
original photo


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The quality of your first illustration is great. The background looks a little too computery to me, but just the container itself is beautiful, especially with all the scratches.

Comment by colin

thanks. the gradients in the background make it look fakey, but the wall itself is a little sureal looking to begin with so I thought I would go with it. I think I’m gonna really continue with the black and white illustrations through a series of still animations… we’ll see how it looks.

Comment by jwp369

The background in the black and white one looks great. How are you thinking of animating it?

Comment by colin

I plan on animating the dumpster rolling into the other dumpster. slowly and with emphasis on sound. I would like to do a whole series of these animations of various scenes in my neighborhood.

Comment by jwp369

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