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puerto rico graffiti
January 12, 2009, 4:28 pm
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graffiti 10

i was surprised at the amount and quality of graffiti all over puerto rico. there were a lot of abandoned and hollowed out buildings that provided plenty of space. i especially liked this stencil. here are a few more that caught my eye

graffiti 04

translation top left corner (thanks to nina):
this has not been fixed
with photoshop
i found a synonym
for government:

graffiti 02

graffiti 03

graffiti 05

i really like this cat character. its so simple and yet, kind of disgusting.

graffiti 06

this was too strange a scene. photographed from inside an abandoned classroom. a large cross, a weird cat character and two piles of shit?

graffiti 08

michael jackson?

graffiti 07


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these are fantastic. thanks for posting. do you know where in puerto rico these are located? i ask because i am from there and im curious to know. =] thak you!

Comment by J3551C4

most of these are from Luquillo. specifically, around the school that was destroyed in hurricane George. the stencil, however, is from San Juan. what area are you from?

Comment by jwp369

[…] Graffiti in Puerto Rico […]

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=] I’m from the south…was born in Ponce, raised in Coamo, but have family all over the island. I live in Boston now but my parents and a lot of family are still on the island. I LOVE luquillo. Have you been to the southern part of PR?

Comment by J3551C4

I’m intrested in using this photo (pig/police) for a publication on Graffiti in Old San Juan. I’d be giving you cred, of course. Let me know if it’s ok. thanx MT

Comment by MaryTere Martinez

Hi! I was interested in using the first photo for a presentation. Would it be fine with you?

Comment by Angelica

yeah, no problem.

Comment by jwp369

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